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Global Village

             "When an Iowan buys a Pontiac from General Motors, 60% of his money goes to South Korea, Japan, West Germany, Taiwan, Singapore, Britain, and Barbados".(Iyer, BR p. 306) In our world today, we exchange language, goods, values, and people. This idea of the increasingly diversified world we are living in is called a "Global Village". The term was coined in 1967 by Canadian cultural critic Marshall McLuhan. With computers and other electronic technology on our side, the transnational future is approaching us. As more and more of the world is being linked by electronic technology, we are all becoming increasingly interdependent.
             We can make computers that are almost human; they can book our flights, beat most of us at computer games, work the stock market, even write poetry and compose music. In our fast-paced world, electronic technology is all around us. We use it from the time we wake up to the sound of our alarm clock radio to the time we turn on the news before we go to bed. It is in our telephones, cell phones, palm pilots, fax machines, and computers. Through this technology anything we want to learn is literally at our fingertips. "Some urbanists already see the world as a grid of 30 or so highly advanced city-regions, or technopoles, all plugged into the same international circuit."(Iyer, BR p. 306) This technology creates increased communication within the globe.
             Because of the rising diversity of the planet, the global village may bring increased understanding and knowledge of other cultures and nations. "For far more than goods and artifacts, the one great influence being broadcast around the world in greater numbers and at greater speed than ever before is people". (Iyer, BR p. 305) With people come customs, and with those new customs, we recolor the very complexion of our societies. Because of increased communications and technology, it creates unity with other countries. The global village essentially means that there could be world peace and utopian societies.

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