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Drama Response

             Over a few week period a group of 5 girls (4 girls and myself) were given a small section of a play for us to perform. We were given "Dancing at Lughnasa" by Brian Friel. The section we performed was around five minutes long, and involved a short dance section at the beginning. In this performance, I played the character Rose, a woman in her thirties, with the apparent mental age of a young child. The other girls in my group played the characters of Maggie, Agnes, Chris and Kate, who were all of Rose's sisters. I had quite a small amount of lines, but I felt my character bared a large significance. I felt that Rose was an important character to try and portray the characters relationships through, as all of her sisters looked out for her, especially Agnes. .
             The play, "Dancing at Lughnasa" was set in 1930's Ireland. It was set in the lonely hills two miles from the tiny village of Ballybeg, and focuses mainly on the Mundy sisters. Due to the play's setting, it was certain my character was to have an Irish accent. As I don"t normally speak with an Irish accent, I needed some extra help to make my accent sound some what believable. To do this I firstly researched "Dancing at Lughnasa" on the internet, and came across many audio clips from various version of the play. I also studied any other sort of audio recordings of Irish accents, such as television programs, so I could try to adopt the vocal mannerisms of an Irish accent. The most useful technique was; a member of my family who speaks with a genuine Irish accent agreed to read my lines so I could hear exactly how they would be pronounced. I found this the most useful as I picked up many small extra words he felt was necessary which I hoped added to the affect. .
             The setting of "Dancing at Lughnasa" contrasts a lot to another play I have studied, "The Crucible", by Arthur Miller, as this set in Salem, in the year 1692.
             However, there are a few main similarities that appear within the characters.

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