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            School is great academically, but how can one concentrate on there school work when they feel so dehydrated as if they were in the middle of a desert without having a drink in days. The water policy with the problem causing bubbler creates rebellious acts and sickly concerns.
             The crystal clear cold thirst quenching water expels from the bubbler like water in a beautiful fountain in Paris, France. Students can go in between classes with the small amount of time allowed and quickly get a drink of some room temptured rust flavored water. Dispensing from a water stained diseased infested spout which is shared with every other student in school.
             Teachers are allowed to drink refreshing cold bottled water. Almost as if teasing the students. One can"t possibly sit there with a dry scratchy throat while a teacher teasingly takes sips of there refreshing bottled water. Hasn"t anyone ever heard of what's good for the goose is good for the gander? The whole water policy isn"t too fair.
             A healthy person is supposed to have eight, eight ounce glasses of water a day. How is that possible is students are only allowed to go get a drink at lunch. The only other time is between classes or when ever a teacher feels like letting a student go. When we finally can get a drink the water is impure and could have diseases. Just like the Meningitis scares from a few years ago. There must be a better way such as bottled water.
             The children who attend North Smithfield Junior Senior High School should be allowed to have drinks during the school day. The bubbler is not fair its is unsanitary and could cause heath issues. Give me water bottles in class or I won"t attend. .

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