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Comparing Tap Water and Bottled Water

            The most important things in life are free – the air you breathe and the water you drink. Say that again? The water you drink? Well, if you're one of the millions of Americans consuming hundreds of gallons of bottled water per year, you are not benefitting from this age old saying. You might just find out that you're pouring precious money into a notion that may have been fed to you by the advertisers of the bottling companies. Studies over the last few years have blasted the myth that bottled water is cleaner and better tasting. Ironically, many of these tests suggest that the tap water from your sink is actually a safer and greener choice for you. .
             The EPA which is in charge of regulating tap water has much stricter standards of safety than the FDA, which regulates bottled water. "The Safe Drinking Water Act empowers EPA to require water testing by certified laboratories and that violations must be reported within a specified time frame" (Goodman). Public water systems must also provide reports to customers about their water, noting its source, evidence of contaminants and compliance with regulations. In comparison, FDA regulates bottled water as a food and cannot require certified lab testing or violation reporting. Furthermore, it was revealed that the "FDA does not require bottled water companies to disclose to consumers where the water came from, how it has been treated or what contaminants it contains" (Goodman). This affirms that one cannot be sure that the water coming out of a bottle is any cleaner or safer that the water coming straight from the faucet.
             Still love bottled water because of its taste? Well, you'd be surprised to note that some very upscale restaurants are now proudly serving tap water to their patrons, thereby saving them a pretty penny.

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