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             I have been doing this report in Biology I for around 2 weeks now. We have been doing a study on how the type of water you use will effect the germination of the seeds. This will prove to us whether or not certain types of water around certain soils will make a difference in what happens when the seeds are put in it to grow, and that is what we"re out to find. .
             As a group, we have a few questions that we would like to ask. We hope to get them answered in some way or another by the end of this project, whether it be from our own experiment or asking someone. The question that we want to ask is, do you think the water we got by the sidewalk will have an affect on how the radishes grow? We ask this question because there has been a lot of salt put there and around there so that the ice and snow would melt. We wonder if this will somehow affect the growth of the radishes beings there might be some extra chemicals in it. .
             There were a lot of materials that we had to use for this project. Some of them played a very important part in it, and others were just odds and ends. We had materials such as paper towels and seeds. We used the paper towels to soak up the water and put seeds in them. In other words, it was the place of growth for the radish seeds. We also used plastic bags for this part. We put the wet paper towels in them and it helped them to obtain their moisture unlike if it would have been just laying out. We also obviously used mud and water. We used mud from under the Spruce tree and by the sidewalk, and we used water from the sink most of the time. Then we had to use wooden sticks, plastic bottles, and a plastic dish. We used the plastic bottles and wooden sticks to filter the mud from the water. We then poured it into a plastic dish and let the paper towel soak up the water. Therefore we also used a graduated cylinder to measure out all of the water. .
             In this experiment we had many things we used.

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