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Reconstruction of the Desert Heart

            Australia is the driest inhabited continent. Two-thirds of Australia is dry and the centre is hot. But it is a place full of spectacular natural wonder and variety of wildlife which give an amazement endless. The first European explorers found tall grasses, spinifex. It is the only grass that can grow in the driest soils. The grassland cover a quarter of the continent which have strange red mounds. Termites, the only animals that can eat spinifex. They have modified an inedible grass into their bread. By chewing it up with spit and soil, termites can turn spinifex into hardening wall like brick. Inside the mound, there are also another crawling animals like spiders, centipedes, and geckos. While outside the mounds, there are millions of low-energy lizards which very nearly can survive with less food and water. There are also phenomenal lizards, namely the thorny lizards. They only eat little black ants, 1.000 a day. .
             In the centre of the continent, aboriginal have survived for over 40.000 years. They thought how to make the desert work with them. They use fire stick to burn off the spinifex to grow edible plants there. The scorched land is a start for new growth. Tomatoes, radishes, and berries flourish. It is strange that wildlife come after a fire such as the mala, bilbies and rock wallabies. The mala is a small desert marsupial. Both mala and bilbies feed after dark to avoid dehydration. Bilbies have powerful front legs and claws. They can have four litters on the trot. Wallabies hole up in the crevices and caves. They are not usually go around in the day. .
             65 million years ago, was covered of forests, the valley of red cabbage palms which are the last of its kind. In addition, here in the heart of the dessert, there are isolated billabongs and also many fish to find there. Because of the water in the billabongs, there are more bird species in Australia's desert, such as budgies and falcons. In Australia, rainfall is totally unpredictable.

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