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Reconstruction and the tranformation of the West

             In what respect was it new, in what respect was it Old south.
             The term " New South- is a Republican vision used to describe the South region during and after the Reconstruction period (1865-77). There were several characteristics in the South, which made it new or different:.
             Blacks were now a free society.
             Leaders pushed for a vigorous industrial economy where they increased textile industry e.g. places like New England (9 fold in the last 20 years of the 19th century) where previously cotton was exported out of the South.
             Iron industry developed to an extent where approximately 1/5 of the nation's total were in places such as Alabama.
             Railroads development, Brinkley stated, " Railroad increased at a rate faster than the nation at large."" NB, in 1886, the gauge, or width of the tracks was changed in the south to meet North standards.
             The south also saw an increase in the industrial workforce particularly the women.
             Blacks were able to elevate themselves into higher class of the society (middle).
             Blacks also established education systems, which they felt was essential for their future. E.g. the Tuskegee Institute founder by Booker T Washington.
             Nevertheless, although the South was characterised as new there were several characteristics, which predominantly proved that the South still had old features.
             The south was still under the control of a ruling class who was the class before the civil war i.e. the white or planter elite; these people were known as the Redeemer or the Bourbons. (Interestingly this class were industrialist, railroad developer and financiers which were absent in the antellebum period or before the Civil War-North).
             Most of the profits made by the textile and the railroad and iron industry were sent to the North.
             The South still not accepted the blacks (racialism) e.g. in most of the industries they made no employment opportunities for the black-(African-American).

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