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Does the Northeast= The South and West?

            The corporate industry of the Northeast during the 19th Century influenced many political, social, and economic structures in the United States. The Northeast influenced the South mostly during Reconstruction, and the West during expansion. Corporate Capitalists in the Northeast had control over many politicians who were making decisions in the government regarding the South and West. Many argue that the decisions made in government were only to benefit the Northeast. The people that argued this hypothesis were often caught in-between crossfire with the Northeast. These people included former slaves, Native Americans, and white southerners. Many can say that the 18th Century was a period of time when there was a real struggle for power within in the United States.
             The North affected the South during Reconstruction when it came to civil rights, government, and trade. Many Northern Republicans vouched for abolishing slavery, and than demanding rights to African-Americans. The Northerners" succeed in part thanks to the Union under President Lincoln's control. President Lincoln established the 13th Amendment in 1865 that technically freed the slaves; still there was much work to be done. Because Congress during the time of Lincoln was filled with Northern Republicans, it didn't have a hard time establishing provisions that help freedmen get on with their way of life in the South. Such provisions included the Freedmen's Bureau, which helped set up a new way of life for freedmen. This new way of life included new jobs, and giving former slaves an education. The economy during the period of Reconstruction in the South was on a rapid decline. This decline was due in part because of the Morill Tariff in 1861, which raised rates in the North and South of goods and services coming into America. The South is the real looser of the deal because it has no real manufacturing interests, so their economy doesn't benefit from it.

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