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Tapping Out - The Water Bottle Debate

            ïI argue that Cuyamaca College should ban plastic water bottles on campus because eliminating the use of disposable water bottles will aid in the movement for a better environment for society and decrease the negative effects it has on our health. The campus should promote the use of tap water through the installation of more drinking fountains and water stations and educate students on why the ban is in effect. .
             Plastic water bottles are linked to numerous health issues and are proven to contribute to the development of different diseases. Though the idea of keeping convenient plastic bottles around seems harmless, there are chemicals that are in the plastic that companies use to produce the bottles. It is a common thing to keep a case in one's trunk to make for easy hydration on the go. However, However considering that heat changes the composition can create a potentially deadly risk for the body. Plastic bottles are made of different chemicals that are designed to be stored at a stable room temperature. When exposed to extreme heat as well as low temperatures, the bottles can react and release levels of bPa (Palliser 1). Seeing as Cuyamaca is a campus located in southern California, the climate tends to be warmer a majority of the school year creating multiple opportunities for these dangerous chemicals to be released. BPa is also linked to the development of breast cancer as well as colon cancer. Most reusable bottles sold come with a "bPa free " label visible on the front that advertises the safeness of that product compared to the average disposable bottle. Using the reusable bottles decreases the risk that you are exposing yourself to by using a disposable bottle and therefore is better for your health. If Cuyamaca installs more refilling areas and access to clean tap water, students' water supply won't be exposed to the chemical changes and hazardous toxins of a disposable bottle (Carlson 5).

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