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The High Price of Bottled Water

            Water is the most important component for the survival of human beings; at the same time; our water consumption habits illustrate American's values. The average consumption of water of an individual per day varies from one country to another, but in the United States, it is estimated that the average person consumes 3.9 gallons of bottled water per month; approximately twice the world average. The consumption habits of the American people can be translated into 167 billion bottles per annum. .
             Arguably the biggest consumers of water, most people probably don't realize how much their water consumption habits say about their values. The nature of American's can be seen in their excess, often preferring expensive bottled water to that straight from the tap, usually for no rational reason. Researchers argue that the preference for bottled water either is a purely psychological phenomenon or stems from ignorance. Also, Americans lack knowledge about their daily water supply that affects their concept about the direct and indirect cost of how we use it. Americans' water consumption habits are mostly based on comfort, convenience and low-price. But, we never consider the actual cost of our behaviors, which is affecting the living environment. Therefore, the most important task for us is understand the dangerous situation we are facing in our living environment, improve and renew our consumption views, which means people should pay more attention to save the resources. .
             Overuse and purchasing unnecessary goods become one part of American's consumption habits that is a big problem in United States. Besides the extremely low prices, Americans don't know the cost of manufacturing and transferring drinks, which has and will continue to take a huge toll on our resources. Here in San Francisco, we can buy water from Fiji (8,588 miles away) or Norway (7,530 miles away) and many other distant places, that transferring water from such far distance just for drink.

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