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The Truth about Water Bottles

            ´╗┐Millions and millions of people drink bottled water daily.This is because bottled waters are very convenient and easy to take around. It has become a norm for people to buy it because it is what we are used to and grow up seeing our parents drink. Though many people buy tons of bottled water, it is not good for us. Bottled water is expensive, contains more containments than tap water, and is just bad for the environment. The price for bottled water increases every year and it is only because consumers are always buying water. The article "Bottled Water Costs 2000 Times As Much As Tap Water" states that on an average, Americans spend about 11.8 billion dollars a year as of 2012, which is a lot of money. That statistic only tells the average of the last three years which means the numbers are only getting higher. This even shows how blind people are to the fact that they could be saving because instead of investing that money that we constantly buy water with, we waste it on bottled water instead of drinking tap water. That money could be in our saving accounts in the bank while we drink tap water and avoid buying water bottles. I feel that the reason for this is because some people may think that tap water is not meant for drinking because many people do not use it for drinking water. Normally we use tap water for our dishes or to clean our body when we shower. This is only because it has become a norm for us to see it from that perspective.
             Another reason that shows that bottled water is not good for us is the fact that it is not as pure as we think. We are told that the water is clean and possibly coming from the beautiful Poland springs; but is that the reality? We are basically spending money on water that tastes the same as tap water. The final reason for why water bottles are bad for us is that the water bottles affect the environment. Most of the water bottles are not even recycled because people most likely just do not recycle.

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