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             Have you ever heard of it? Instantly, after I discovered this foreign but modern religion on the internet, I knew I had to read more. .
             During the first few decades of the twentieth century L. Ron Hubbard began Scientology. He created his faith on a foundation that disregarded such elements such as age, race, occupation, nationality, and political allegiance. Intertwined with Freudian theories, ideas from Blackfoot Indians, journeys filled of study through Asia, and a variety of scientific methods, Hubbard's system of belief created over 2000 organizations, in 60 nations, that encourage all religions to work together for an ultimate goal of enlightenment and prosperity. People of this faith work to dislodge negativity from their minds, which in turn enables them to improve their lives and the world we live in. This means of spiritual transformation encourages followers to be ethical, active, educated, successful, and drug free while using their resources to the fullest potential.
             Scientology is actually derived from the Latin word "scio" (knowing to the fullest sense of the word) and the Greek word "logos" (the study of); "knowing how to know". Another term Hubbard uses often in his research is Dianetics. This term is composed of the Greek words "dia" (through) and "nous" (soul); completed it equals "what the soul is doing in the body". These two definitions are the basis of this faith and their search for a better understanding. .
             All in all, I found this rather new religion to be extremely interesting due to the fact that it's not very well known and it's sounds very accepting of all people, which I am all about.

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