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Fathers and Sons

            Throughout history the differences in generations cause conflict between the established and the revolutionary. This is seen throughout the world and is an essential key to the survival and progressing of our civilization. Changes in a community are not always positive but woe to those that refuse to move when presented with a clear and present danger to the survival of that people. [ The sources of conflict of Fathers and Sons by Ivan Turgenev are caused by differences in characterization in the text, which arises, from the principles and beliefs of each character stemming from the generation and the environment in which they were raised.] .
             The conflict between Paul Petrovich and Bazarov stems from the complex characterizations of both. The history of Paul Petrovich as relayed in the novel portrays a picture of pride and conservativeness which is in sharp contrast to the liberal and seemingly humble characterization of Bazarov. .
             Through the novel Paul Petrovich represents the established generation. Often defending its principles to Bazarov he views change with a colossal hatred frequently lecturing on its flaws with such a powerful disdain one cannot help but be impressed by his passion and commitment. The author describes his physical appearance through, "His appearance suggested that he might be forty-five; his gray, close-trimmed hair shone dark as silver; his bilious, unwrinkled face, whose lines were unusually symmetrical and clean-cut as though carved by a fine, light chisel, bore the traces of exceptional good looks: his black, glowing, almond-shaped eyes were particularly attractive. The whole mien of Arcady's uncle, elegant and well-bred in appearance, had preserved a youthful uprightness and a certain soaring quality which usually tends to disappear when a man turns thirty." Paul Petrovich openly displays his pride through his dress and manner, which enhances his appearance.

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