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Anger Management

            The advertisement "Anger Management," is an excellently composed illustration, which consists of many effects, visual images and careful designs to capture the responder.
             To most viewers, at first glance, the most salient image they see is the faces of the two characters, Dave Buznik and Buddy Rydell. Here, we can see both the faces pressing against, and staring each other directly in the eye. The faces are given in tremendous detail, revealing many important facial features. From observing the characters, we can identify that they are two different types of people separated by age and social status, one being youthful and wearing a blue sports jacket and one, old and wearing a "business like" dress code. This significantly assists the viewer's portrayal of the overall image, by helping them identify the situation and who is involved. It enforces them to reconsider looking at the poster again, rather than walking away after one glimpse. .
             In conjunction with the images, are the names of the actors written above each character. This helps promote the movie, thus enticing the responder to go see the it as a result from recognizing the famous, and if coincidentally their favourite actors starring in the movie.
             The second most dominant image to most viewers is the white background. Although this has no specific meaning to the advertisement, it creates a "catchment" to the eye and aiding the two faces to stand out.
             Furthermore, we see many texts in the "Anger Management" advertisement, more dominantly the "Anger Management writing itself. This piece of information is extremely vital for this advertisement to accomplish its purpose, as it informs what the advertisement is for and what it is actually advertising. .
             The use of colour and visual effects also plays a major factor in this advertisement. Colours can depict and act as symbols and themes. For example, "red" representing love, blood, and in this case anger.

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