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The Importance of Talent Management

            Talent Management is the implementation of integrated strategies or systems intended to increase the productivity of the workplace by developing improved processes for attracting, developing, retaining and utilizing people with the required skills and abilities to be able to meet current and future needs (Sunday, 2012). .
             Talent management is valued as essential in the process of building competitive advantage for existing enterprises. The importance of this process results from the fact that it is relevant to the key resource of every enterprise, namely its best employees, who are a basis for the creation and development of organizational knowledge. The process of talent management has become a fundamental part of a relatively new management concept called Positive Organizational Potential (POP) (Chodorek, 2012). According to Choderek (2012), the foundation of this idea is positive psychology, which focuses mainly on a human search for well-being that is characterized by the evaluation of a person's situation, i.e. the feeling of happiness. Happy and optimistic people are more successful, as the advantages of happiness come in the form of innovation and creativity in finding solutions, originality in thinking and variety of ideas. Without positive relations with others, positive emotions and social bonds, employees' life may become pointless (Chodorek, 2012).
             According to Nilsson and Ellstrom (2012), one perspective of talent management is associated with a focus on talent pools and processes that are designed to secure the supply of employees in different parts of an organization in relation to specific jobs and tasks. The concept of talent management is focused on the anticipation of future organizational employee or staffing needs, career advancement, and issues related to the internal workforce. Effective talent management provides one of the most critical points of strategic leverage today.

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