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Affirmative Action

             Statement and Justification of the research topic.
             The topic I am going researched is affirmative action. Affirmative action is when a government or an organization gives preference to women or minorities that are often treated unfairly, when it is choosing people for schooling or jobs. Affirmative action can also be a way of reflecting the country's diversity in schools or businesses. I became interested in this subject when writing a paper on reverse discrimination, when writing this paper I noticed that many cases of affirmative action have turned out helping other people and at the same time upset people. This I felt made me skeptical on whether affirmative action is a good thing or a bad thing. From this I decided to explore the pros and cons of this controversial issue. Basically, the main points that I am going to express are whether it causes reverse discrimination, does it have an affect on society, is it effective, and is it fair, do people rely on it, has it helped growth, and should it be removed. I am going to compare the thoughts of minorities and women versus the thoughts of the majority and men regarding affirmative action. I am also going to see how affirmative action benefits and how it hinders society. I am going to look at trials and personal experiences that give an illustration of the importance and unimportance of affirmative action.
             2. Hypotheses, Rationales and/ or Exploratory Questions.
             In my research, it provides numerous questions about affirmative action attitudes and about how affirmative action affects target group members and non-members. In my hypotheses, the group that will be in favor for affirmative action will be minorities and women. I believe this because they benefit the most from affirmative action, and it helps these groups receive the most assistance. Alternatively the group that will be against affirmative action and all of it issues, and will be the most upset about affirmative action would be the majority, also identified as white males.

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