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Blanche's Character In scene 3 of

            Scene three opens with a graphic description of the Kowalski's modest apartment, which is doused in a lurid green light. It is nearly two thirty in the morning and Steve, Pablo, Mitch and Stanley are inebriated, and heavily engaged in a game of poker. After a brief episode in the kitchen watching Stanley and his companions play poker Blanche and Stella enter this scene having returned from a show.
             Upon entering the apartment, Blanche insists on powdering her face, in anticipation of the male company, despite how late it is. Stella makes polite introductions, however the men show no interest in Blanche, especially as Stanley says, "Nobody's going to get up, so don't worry" when she graciously asks them not to. Blanche is also extremely flirtatious, for example, Blanche "waltzes" to the radio, making "romantic gestures" towards Mitch, who is intimidated and made to feel awkward, however he is "delighted" and dances with her, like "a dancing bear".
             When Mitch first meets Blanche, he is sheepish and awkward, which indicates that he is attracted to her. Immediately after he is out of earshot, Blanche asks Stella all about him, such as "Is he married?", "Is he a wolf?" and "what does he do?". This shows that she is bold, and she knows what she wants. Mitch catches her eyes, and she decides she likes him. Once he has left the room, she remarks, "That one seems - superior to the others". .
             The audience responds differently to Blanche in this scene, and sympathise with her. The mystery surrounding Blanche's arrival in Elysian Fields is brought to light by Williams who portrays it in a faintly ominous light. Her and Mitch share common ground because both have experienced the death of loved ones. Blanche lost her husband "the boy died" and Mitch lost the girl who gave him his engraved cigarette case, "The girls dead now". This mysterious nature is reinforced by Blanche's reluctance to be seen in a bright light.

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