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Death Penalty

             The relatives of the victim hold their breath as the jury delivers the verdict. She was brutally raped, tortured and killed. Her two murderers showed more pride than remorse . Should they be given death sentences? That's what many are in debate over.
             Most criminals would think twice before committing murder if they .
             knew their own lives was at stake. Moreover, this can reduce the .
             possibility of the emergence of repeat offenders. .
             Another argument for the death penalty is the economic cost of the other alternative: keeping them in jail. Tax payers will have to pay, not only for the basic costs of housing and feeding the prisoner but also for the numerous appeals the criminal will undoubtedly launch during his jail term. .
             Finally, the death of the criminal would lead to a sort of closure for the family and friends of the victim. Few prisoners actually serve the full lifetime sentence. More often, appeals are successful or prisoners are released on parole. Loved ones of the victim fear the day when the criminal who destroyed their lives will once again walk on the streets, free to hurt other people. The death of the criminal would act as a certain consolation, if not retribution.
             The first argument is simple. What if the criminal has been wrongly tried? Juries have no choice but to rely on the sometimes inaccurate evidence or testimony put forth. Erroneous decisions may result in a wrongful verdict. Yet the death penalty is irreversible. An innocent life, taken away, can't be taken back. In contrast, should the need arise, wrongful imprisonment can be annulled on appeal.
             Another argument is that putting the criminal to death removes any possibility of repayment to the society. Time spent reflecting may lead to genuine repentance and a longing to at least lessen the impact of their wrongdoings. However, the death penalty removes any possibility of this.
             Last but not least, let's look at it from a spiritual point of view.

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