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Tolstoy's Becoming

            While law, mathematics, and philosophy are all used to approach different problems, ideas, or inquiries, the techniques they use differ from each other. Mathematics abides by formulas and equations, while law is a set of regulations that is set by a society. Philosophy, on the other hand, is a unique discipline. Using it one can look at various topics through many prospective. Any subject that is cohesive, rich, complex, and significant, can be approached through a philosophical view. Explanation, reason, and knowledge are ways to examine a topic through philosophy. .
             One subject that is brought up constantly while a rational being is thinking philosophically is the meaning of life. There is no way to look at the question, "What is the meaning of life?" as just one question in itself. Philosophers break the query down into three different kinds of questions; cosmological, omni-personal, and personal. .
             The first question, the cosmological, is, "Why does the universe exist?" Leo Tolstoy, for many years, felt that the answer to this was, "Because it exists." Combined with the personal question, "Why do I exist?" Tolstoy was driven close to madness by his conclusions. Being rational and demanding evidence, he could find no reason to go on. He felt that life was just an evil ride to death. Tolstoy, an intelligent writer, said the truth to the question of the meaning of life is death. It is the only thing that is inevitable. Since death is the only truth to life, than any one person's life has no significance to the universe. No memory or action of someone's a role in the existence of anything after they died. The answer to, "Why I exist?" was to die. There was nothing anyone could do to add a reason. What used to make Tolstoy happy ceased to do so because he saw what he called the truth. He felt that suicide was the logical way to deal with life. It was not until he looked at society as a whole, at the omni-personal question, that he began to understand why he and the learned could barely live while the masses lived happily.

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