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Labor Union Trends

            Labor union affects daily lives of many citizens dramatic and powerful, though often indirect and hidden ways. Everyone from blue collar factory workers, white collared accountants, soccer moms, business owners to elementary school students and retirees are affected every day by the organized labor movement. Fewer, however, understand the legal and historical role labor unions have played and continue to play in the economy, politics and culture. In today's society, more and more of our skilled hourly and unskilled workers belong to some sort of labor union. In fact, in taking an in depth look at the current global labor union movement, the one thing that both business and lobar unions agree on is the effect that globalization has in the workforce. For either good or ill, depending on your point of view, this issue will affect the global workplace for the predictable future. .
             Business owners and employees monitor organized labor union trends very carefully. Business owners are acutely aware of the impact of labor unions on the way that they compensate and benefit the employee/employer rights. Employers are looking at the same topics but from a different perspective. The impact and strength of collective bargaining has had a significant impact on workers rights and improving work conditions in several industries throughout the recent history of the United States. Over the last few decades, rather than focusing its attention on grass roots organizing, particularly in those fields where organized labor has yet to make a significant impact, organized labor has instead sought to extend its influence in the political arena. Not only has that legislative effort yielded few tangible results, it too is now under fire (www.aflcio.org).
             The year 2002 was a difficult year for organized labor and worker's rights. With few exceptions, the power and influence of the institutions created and maintained for the sole purpose of protecting worker's rights have continue to diminish (www.

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