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            Objectives: Using the MATLAB Program along with a program used to guide the arm of robot, we must do the following:.
             1. We must modify the program to perform the cubic-spline interpolation so that it prints the interpolated data points for the complete set of paths to an output file named paths.dat. In addition, we must remove any repeated points, which is provided in the handout.
             2. WE must write a program to read file paths.dat described in part 1. Additionally, we must plot the entire set of paths, and insert circles at points where the robot arm stops. These points correspond to the points where the robot arm must stop to grasp an object, release it, or return to home the position.
             Background: In this lab, we are given a program that shows the paths a robot arm in order to grasp and object, release it, and then return back to its original spot. In order to guide the arm to desired locations successfully, we must guide the arm through smooth paths in order to avoid sharp turns that can cause the objects to slip out of its grasp or damage the object itself. In order to do this, we must use interpolation so that we can acquire a smooth curve that contains all the points the robot arm must go through.
             The points over which the arm must past through are in a data file and we are assuming that the points are in the necessary order for the arm to move to a location to grasp an object, to move to a location to release it, and to move back to the original position. In addition, we will have three coordinates that include the x and y coordinates relative to the home position and a third coordinate coded as follows:.
             Code Interpolation.
             0 home position.
             1 intermediate position.
             2 location of the object to grasp.
             3 location to release object.
             In conclusion, we would like to use a cubic spline to guide the manipulator arm to the object, then to the release point, and then back to the original position.

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