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The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven by Sherman Al

             Racial or ethnic identity could play a major role in one's life.
             It is that ethnic and racial identity that sometimes shapes .
             people's lives. Some of the cultural barriers and difficulties are represented in the story .
             "The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven" by Sherman Alexie.
             Alexie's story describes a young Native American male whose ethnic identity .
             became a center of his life. As an Indian he was raised on a reservation but often traveled, .
             and lived in a major city; Seattle. The young man's constant journey between the two .
             different environments placed him between the two cultures, and also created a question .
             of his own identity. The city itself for him, was something very alienating and .
             unfamiliar; he portrays this in a quote: " Sometimes, though, I would forget where I was .
             and get lost. I"d drive for hours searching for something familiar". (24).
             First of all was the incident of him being stereotyped at a Seven-Eleven store in .
             the city. On of the "hot" Seattle nights he decided to go to the store and cool himself off .
             with a Popsicle. His Native American appearance of dark skin and long black hair made .
             him look like a criminal in the eyes of the clerk, the narrator describes this in the quote: " .
             He looked me over so he could describe to the police later" (24). The young Indian, was .
             aggravated by the incident but he decided to play along, portray himself as a robber. The .
             Indian knew people were afraid of him because of his appearance.
             Additionally, there are many other examples that create his racial awareness.
             Another incident that evoked his racial awareness occurred when he was pulled over by a .
             police car while walking through a quit neighborhood. When he was stopped the .
             comments made by the police officer made him aware that he was Indian, he portrays this .
             in a quote: "You"re making people nervous. You don't fit the profile of a neighborhood" .
             (24). Here clearly he is stereotyped, which adds even more to his awareness of his "red" .

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