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The Lone Ranger and Tonto

             The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven.
             Although Alexie resonates some reoccurring ideas throughout his stories, each idea is illustrated in a number of unique and different ways. Through these different ways of communicating with his reader, Alexie is able to effectively communicate his feelings and emotions.
             Each idea or theme is illustrated in a number of unique assertions. The assertion "it's the small things that hurt the most"(pg. 49) illustrates one way one Alexie's themes are played out. When Victor argues that "Indian's can easily survive the big stuff" (pg.49) with the previous assertion he illustrates the hardships Native Americans have had to endure over the past hundreds of years. According to Victor, these hardships include loss of land rights, language, and mass murder but are ultimately underscored by the smaller yet equally hurtful Washington Redskins and Tonto. In the story "Indian Education" Alexie illustrates Victor's hurt throughout his school years. Victor is faced with the oppressing issues of racism and discrimination in society. In each school year Alexie plays out his ideas by stating a conflict Victor has faced over the past years. In these short stories each conflict is part of an overlying theme. The previous assertion "It's the small things that hurt the most" is clearer as one progress through Victor's childhood. The larger conflicts Victor faced in his childhood like death, despair, and poverty are further underscored by other "small things". An example of this is in the eleventh grade Victor misses his free throws; ultimately losing the championship game for his high school. The next day the local paper published the headline "Indians Lose Again". Victor asserts "Go ahead and tell me none of this is supposed to hurt me very much"(pg.179).
             "Color complicated even the smallest events" (pg.87) is another assertion that illustrates another one of Alexie's underlying themes.

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