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Smoke signals

            The film Smoke Signals depicts the story of two young Native American men (Victor Joseph and Thomas) and their journey that led them to wisdom. In 1976, Thomas's parents died in a fire and Arnold Joseph the father of Victor saved Thomas. Victor Josephs then walked out on his family a couple years later. Now both young men are being raised on their reservation with no father figures in their lives. Thomas and Victor aren't the best of friends. They both have very different views about Arnold Joseph. Victor remembers the man who was an alcoholic and the man who was abusive at times who just left his family one-day. Thomas remembers Arnold Joseph as a great man who saved him from the fire as well as a heroic man and exaggerates his past. Victor gets word his father he hasn't seen in ten years has passed away. Victor not having enough money to travel to Arizona to get his remains is approached by Thomas to pay for the trip if brought along. Their journey then begins. These two boys are very different, Victor the strong and manly type and Thomas the timid and nerdy type but this adventure brings them together more than ever.
             The film is narrated from Victor Joseph's point of view as well as Thomas's point of view. The Story is told through both of their eyes.
             The film portrays the main characters and the Native American racial/ethnic group as poverty stricken Native Americans who live on an Idaho reservation. From having no male figures in their lived the young boys are portrayed to not have strong relationship with males due to this. The characters were portrayed with long black hair in braids at times. In a scene Victor tells Thomas to free his hair, an Indian is nothing without his hair. The characters are shown in a scene with two Native American girls that drive a car that only drives in reverse that all Native Americans only barter for things. There is no money used on the reservation.

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