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Wine Tasting

            Wine tasting is an interesting skill to learn, it can be useful in life. Professional wine tasters take their job seriously, they have to describe every single little flavor they taste. People who just like wine can throw that level of seriousness aside and just have some fun with it. When you are tasting wines make sure that you understand why some wines are better and more expensive than the others. If you understand why, it will make your tasting experience better more enjoyable.
             Tasting wine takes a while to and learn what to do and what not to do. In tasting there is a certain order to follow. The order is to see, swirl, smell, and sip. If you do not taste in this order or, if you skip a step you will not get the full taste of the wine. When you taste wine there are things you should remember. One of these things is to keep your fingers off the bowl of the wine glass, if your fingers are on the bowl it heats the wine creating a different taste than the original one. When sipping the wine, make sure that the wine gets all over your mouth. The wine must do this because there are different taste buds in your mouth in different areas, and to get the true taste all taste buds must taste the wine. .
             The first step in tasting wine is looking at the wine, you can tell quite a lot about a wine by just looking at it. To examine the color of the wine, pour the wine into a clear glass and put it against a well lit white background. When looking at the wine keep in mind that the age, grape variety, and what type of wood the wine was aged in can all affect the color. In red wine, the colors vary from a deep purple, indicating that the wine is quite young, to a deep red, indication the wine is aged well. In red wine, there is no such thing as too much time. Time improves the wine. Red wine will age for many years and not spoil. Red wine gets lighter as it gets older. In white wine the colors range from green to yellow to brown.

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