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Sports Stadiums, they Should Spend More Money on Medical Car

            The society spends much money on building theaters and sports stadiums recently in order to improve people's spiritual life and business. However, national fund is limited, which must be allocated on various areas, such as medical care and education. Some people argue that the government should spend more money on medical care and education. In my personal view, although medical care and education are important, building theaters and sports stadiums is proved of greater value by follow reasons.
             Improving people's spiritual life is the most obvious advantage of building theaters and sports stadiums. Nowadays, physical life of people increased a lot, which causes the further demand of high quality of life. People can entertain and communicate in this bind of public buildings, which relaxes them and reduces their working pressure, so as to increase work efficiency.
             Another advantage of that is to promote economics and business. These modern building are good places for international communication, which provides plentiful chances for people from other countries know well domestic culture and economic situation, absorbing foreign investment. For instance, Olympic Games can attract a number of tourists, meanwhile, tourism and business make a good progress. Earning a mount of money can do great contribution in other fields, including medical care and education.
             Finally, theaters and sports stadiums are necessary places to continually develop traditional arts and sports spirit that represent civilization and culture. People understand domestic culture well so that get better creation. .
             All evidences mentioned above proves that the necessity of building theaters and sports stadiums is clear, which not only promote traditional arts and sports spirit, but also further economic development. The government should not neglect of it's importance.

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