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War "Toys" Maim Fleeing Refugees

            Children in Afghanistan pick up butterflies and get their hands blown off. These are some facts from "The Globe and Mail," on October 12, 2001. During this essay you will be reading about the children that live in Afghanistan and what they are and have gone through because of the bombing from the other countries of the world. You will also be reading what I think about what is happening to these children.
             It also says in the article that some children are wise enough to avoid the brightly coloured, Russian-made explosives that resemble toys or butterflies. My opinion on this fact is why are the children the ones that are dying? And why are we only caring about it now when it has been happening for the last 10 years? I think that we are only talking about it now because countries want to make themselves look good, and look like they care about the children. I also think that the United States of America will make Afghanistan pay for what one person did, in any way possible, even if it means bombing some areas where children live and can possibly die. .
             Later on in the article it mentions the fact that many agencies have criticized the United States for dropping 37,000 small food packets into Afghanistan, calling the gesture vastly inadequate to feed the country's 7.5 million hungry people. Alex Renton , of the British aid agency Oxfam, said packets could lure civilians into areas full of land mines. I think that's its almost making things worse by dropping things for certain areas of Afghanistan that may have land mines. I understand that they only want to give food to the needing, and bomb the terrorists. Why cant the terrorists" give up and surrender. There are a lot more people against the terrorists than for them. If they would surrender then it would stop all the war and killing in the Afghanistan.
             It also mentions that Canada has traditionally led global efforts to eradicate land mines.

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