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Heads or Tales?

             "This is a critical point for the Penn State Nittany Lions.
             "You"re absolutely right Al, third and long with only one minute left in the game. The Lions need a field goal to tie it up; a touch down would win the game sending them in to the finals.".
             "This puts an immense amount of pressure on Zach Mills, who up until now, frankly, has not been playing very well.".
             "Here they come out of the huddle.".
             "Just listen to the crowd here at Beaver Stadium. They"re going wild. Every one is on their feet.".
             "The ball is snapped".
             "Mills, looking strong in the pocket, taking his time to find an open receiver, he rolls to the outside, dumps the ball to Tony Johnson, Tony Johnson blows by his defender, rolls to break another tackle and dives for the end zone, HE"S IN!! THE NITTANY LIONS HAVE DONE IT!!!".
             Here's a situation everyone at Penn State is familiar with, the excitement of a Penn Sate football game. But you have to wonder, at what cost are the whole student body as well as thousands of alumni and fans entertained? A growing debate is whether sports in college play a positive role in the university, or whether they should be banned due to their negative aspects. This paper will discuss both the pros and cons of intercollegiate sports to better illustrate the two sides of the argument. .
             Sports play a huge role in societies through out the world. They are a source for entertainment, as well as good exercise and fun for the participants. It is nearly impossible to go through a whole day without talking or over hearing a conversation about some kind of sporting event. The world of sports consumes the lives of many whether they are a professional athlete, sports writer, the average middle age man who loves Monday night football, or even college students involved with the athletic department at their respective university. Many college students play a sport but is it really worth it? Are sports taking away from academics? Some would argue that college sports should be banned.

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