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Four Theories (causes) of the Revolutionary War

            The divorce between England and the American colonies in 1763 is a very controversial issue. Historians have debated for years why the Revolution was started. Most theories are bias, but if one reads the literature written a few years after the war, it is evident that the farther away the Revolution becomes from today, the less truth is told. But one idea has maintained the truth through the different versions of history, and that is the four theories that are the basis of the separation. The theories are Anglo-American crisis; economic interpretation; political interpretation and social interpretation. Although some historians rank each differently, each had a part in starting the Revolutionary War.
             The first theory, Anglo-American crisis, is a very strong component of the uprising against England. If one were to allocate 100 points between the four theories, based on importance, this theory should receive 35 points. This theory is worth the large amount of points for many reasons. The Anglo-American crisis was mostly a disagreement between government, and because of this, there are two views of it. The first one is the colonial view which states that the Parliament in England has the right to govern the whole empire, but should allow the colonial assemblies to be the only legislature for the colonies. This greatly conflicted with the British view, which was that only one authority could govern the empire, and that authority should be the King and his Parliament. The higher educated Americans, as well as American political figures, were aware of the control that Britain was trying to gain from America. After salutary neglect for so long, it seemed unethical, to the Colonists, for England to try and impose their government and their rules upon the colonies. This ignited an uprising from the colonists against the British, which eventually led to the Revolutionary war.
             The second theory, economic interpretation, is another strong reason for the occurrence of the Revolutionary war.

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