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Comparing A Man for All Seasons to The Old Man and the Sea

            Sir Thomas More is an important man in England. After the death of the Chancellor he becomes Chancellor and wants to do this job as good as possible. He is very strong in his beliefs and a very honest and patient man. .
             In the play "A man for all seasons" the author included characters who are contrasts to Thomas More. Richard Rich visits More very often and he asks him for a job. As More got from a woman a cup and realizes later that it was a bribe he gives Rich the cup for selling it so that Rich gets money. More does not want to keep it because he has principles. He knows that Rich has no principles and does not care that it was a bribe. As More does not want to employ Rich, he turns away from More and perjures him. .
             Cromwell is the secretary of the king and his motto is to do everything for getting money or reaching his goals. More does not want to swear that he accept the divorce of King Henry and the fact that Henry is the new head of the church but he keeps silence and does not say his reason. So Cromwell tries to get information against him so that More gets a punishment or agrees with the divorce. As Cromwell realizes that Rich is angry with More because More does not employ him he sees in Rich the right one for collecting information. He employs him and Rich gives up every pride and lies in the curt against More so that More gets executed.
             William Roper is different from all men already named. He is not very strong in his beliefs. One scene shows that he changed his religion. So he is not firm. Secondly he does not look after the things he says and risks getting trouble. Roper wants to marry More's daughter Margaret but More does not want to give his daughter to a man who always changes his mind. It would be an unsure future for his daughter. Later More gives the permission that they can marry because Roper shows character and stays at More's side as he gets trouble.
             All these characters enlighten the understanding of Sir Thomas More.

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