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            Many people can help, but to undyingly help someone that has no hope. Christy Brown's mother is very loving and caring, loving and she has a tremendous amount of will power.
             Her are a few ways that she shows her will power loving and caring. The first is her way of finding what she wants for her children, "almost every doctor who saw and examined me labeled me very interesting, but also a hopeless case. Many told mother gently that I was mentally defective and would remain so" (Brown, 338).later on it also says later "she refused to accept the truth the inevitable truth - as it then seemed - that I was beyond cure, beyond saving, even beyond hop."(Brown, 339). another example of her love, caring and will power is "Friends and relatives had decided otherwise, they continued that I should be taken kindly, sympathetically, but not seriously."(Brown, 339) it also says later "luckily for me, mother and father held out against the lot of them" (Brown, 339).My third and final example of Christy Brown's mothers persistence and drive is this "I drew one side of the letter half the other side and the stick of chalk broke. I was left with a stump. I wanted to fling it away and give up. Then I felt my mother's hand on my shoulder. I tried one more time but- I -drew the letter "A" (Brown, 342).
             Many people said Christy Brown was hopeless, but his mother kept trying she has so much loving caring and will power. .

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