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The Case of Torture

            An Argument on "The Case for Torture".
             "The Case for Torture" by Michael Levin is an argumentative piece on the subject of torture. Levin discusses instances where torture is necessary to obtain information out of a criminal. These specific examples show real life scenarios that could easily play themselves out. Levin provides us with these illustrations to show us his belief on the topic. He feels that even though torture is unconstitutional, it should be used as a last resort in some situations. He states it visibly when he says," There are situations in which torture is not merely permissible but morally mandatory.".
             Throughout this article, Levin discusses many different reasons that torture should be used. He also discusses some of the reasons that Americans are in opposition of torture. As stated earlier, Levin uses examples where torture is necessary. In his first case, he shows a real life scenario using the people of New York City. He talks about someone planting an atomic bomb in the middle of Manhattan Island. He says that the bomb will explode in two hours and kill millions of people unless something is done. He brings the reader in by saying that they will personally be held responsible if they cannot get the terrorist to stop the bomb. This immediately makes the reader think about productive ways to stop the bomb. The only way to stop it is to get information out of the bomber. This in turn means that torture must be used. Levin also takes the opposition into consideration. The writer states that torture of a terrorist is unconstitutional. In dispute, he matches that statement by saying that millions of lives in danger outweigh constitutionality. In this statement, he puts the argument of the constitution into perspective. Basically he is saying that preservation of human life should be more important than the preservation of the constitution. .
             In this piece, Levin does a wonderful job of bringing out the emotions of the reader.

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