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            In today's world crime is increasing at higher rate then ever before and that's why torturing becomes mandatory. Everything in the world has two sides, good and bad (Positive and Negative) and so does torture.
             In today's world, teaching a lesson is a very important thing for the person, who does the crime and for the society as well. Torture is a good way to teach a lesson but every thing should have a limit. When torture exceeds the limit, it becomes bad. For example when a terrorist does a crime it is wise to torture when you want to find out information about the future planed crimes and to prevent them. How ever, it is not good when a person gets to much torture and becomes rigid. Some times victim looses his/her life and the mystery becomes even harder then before or even it becomes unsolved. Another bad effect of the torture is that, a criminal might not confess crime due to get scared of torture. .
             At another point of view it is good because a person should be punished who has convicted a crime and other people always get scared to be punished. Some people don't understand politely so torture is the perfect way to make them understand. I believe that torture is unconstitutional, because it is like manslaughter.
             Eventually looking to the matter, I do not believe using torture is a viable mean. It is barbaric and unconstitutional even if, someone may be coursed into using it to get what he or she wants. But in those cases I believe it is our own instinct that drives us and not our morals. Torturing a person is unconstitutional but to understand some of the reasons why it is.

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