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Asylum Seekers in Australia

             The Tampa crisis, Woomera detention centre, Children Overboard scandal and sending some refugees off to Nauru. But is the way we treat them and handle their applications for citizenship fair? In my view it certainly is and it should be the same way in your view as well.
             First off, all because they come from a poor, war-torn country, doesn't mean that they have the right to come here, illegally, get caught and then threaten to kill themselves I they don't get a Visa which will send them back where they came from in just 3 years. If these whingers can't deal with the problems of their own country, why should we have them in ours?.
             Under Australian law, they are not illegal, only if they overstay their Visas. Do you think that once those 3 years are up they will happily frolic back to their country with a handful of photos and a stuffed toy kangaroo? They will most probably do a runner from the Government and change their name from Mohammed to Bruce. .
             According to Amnesty International, 1 in every 115 people on earth is a refugee, and a new refugee is born every 21 seconds, and at that rate I say they should all be neutered. With the amount of refugees there are already, and new ones being born every 21 seconds, imagine the amount of these refugees immigrating across the world, filling up our countries and taking away our jobs such as taxi-drivers and doctors. And this is just focusing mainly on the Middle East. China is already full and many Chinese are immigrating here as well. It is only a matter of time before Box Hill gets full and they move on to Ringwood.
             There are those people who say letting these asylum seekers into our country will boost the economy, as they, like us, need goods and services. This might be true but they live off rice and pita bread mainly, so there is no big boost to the food industry there. And they have no need for public transport, for example catching a bus or a taxi, because the chances are they drive one!.

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