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Consequences of Moral Ethics

            Moral principles create ethical boundaries by which people live. Without them society would be in chaos. A code of ethics defines a person's identity and decency. Life becomes worthy of being lived when a person is capable of remaining true to his morals. What is more, during times of trial a person's morality is tested. When that person overcomes the adversity, while staying true to his moral values, true courage and character shine through the shadows of wickedness. Furthermore, the behavior of an individual, especially in times of trouble, is a direct result of that person's moral principles. The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, demonstrates how a personal code of ethics generates personal judgment, integrity, and courage.
             Throughout the play Miller displays how a person unable to stay true to his own code of ethics quickly becomes influenced by society's values in both thought and action. However, a person who holds strong to his convictions is able to remain the sole captain of his ship. In other words, The Crucible implies personal morality should be the judge of a person's actions, not the morality of society. Near the end of the play John Proctor is debating whether to confess, or to remain silent and be hanged. He asks Elizabeth what he should do and she responds, "Do what you will. But let none be your judge. There be no higher judge under Heaven than Proctor is! -(1162). Miller affirms that only an individual can be the judge of his actions. And what determines these actions? His moral standards. Therefore personal judgment is the result of strong ethical values. .
             In the same way a person's integrity is a consequence of that person's moral standards, character is determined by an individuals actions. Thus, if a person's ethics are pure, then so will his actions, and as a result his character is proven to be respectable. Miller uses his dynamic character, John Proctor, to exemplify this notion.

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