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Taylor Technologies - Code of Ethics

            Taylor Technologies is one of world's leading manufacturers of products for analyzing water chemistry on-site. More specifically, they are a specialty chemical manufacturer of water testing supplies for industrial, commercial, institutional, laboratory and home use. Now offering nearly 600 different test-kit configurations including options for wet- and dry-chemistry methods as well as microprocessor-based instruments, "Taylor Technologies is dedicated to continually striving for complete customer satisfaction" through innovation and consistent accuracy. Complete customer satisfaction was further explained by Taylor Technologies President & CEO, Paul Wooden Jr as ensuring the following requirements have all been met: accurate and timely service, consistent product performance, a staff motivated to excel, assumed regulatory compliance and innovative business solutions. .
             Founded as W. A. Taylor & Company in 1930 in Baltimore, Maryland it wasn't until 1967 that they were incorporated originally as Taylor Chemicals, Inc. In 1980, the third and present generation of ownership committed to expanding the company's capabilities to all areas of water analysis took over at the helm, changing the company name to Taylor Technologies, Inc. in 1986 to reflect this expanded vision. "The market for our products is, quite simply, wherever water is tested," "The possibilities are endless" Mr. Wooden proclaimed. This includes any area where water quality needs tested or monitored, including industrial water treatment applications (primarily boiler and cooling systems), residential and commercial water conditioning, food processing and beverage production, swimming pool/spa maintenance, and municipal water and wastewater treatment. Their mission statement speaks to their continued level of excellence and commitment throughout the water testing industry. "At Taylor Technologies, we are committed to develop, manufacture, market and support innovative, quality test kits and reagents to be used wherever water is tested" which provides the focus for all operations within the company, and for every product that travels outside company.

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