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Engineering Ethics

             Ethics by definition are defined as the accepted rules of conduct. In my opinion ethics are imperative to the structure of a dynamic society. Ethics are what give us as humans the ability to function correctively in our behavior, and keep us from having complete mayhem everywhere. Ethics is dealing with what is good and bad and using moral principle or values. .
             The National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) along with a host of other organizations has established a code of ethics for their members to follow. A code of ethics is a set of rules and guidelines that must be adhered to so that someone can be a recognized member of a group or organization. They state how people will act among them selves and how they will act as a member under the code toward the public. Many professional bodies have a code of ethics that their members are expected to abide by. Professional bodies regard this as being important because they can set standards to which people must act as members of that body. It means that if a professional body has a high code of ethics the people that are members under that code have to have a high standard of professionalism. It also makes the body and its members more trusting and reliable to the members of the public. The Code of Ethics of NSPE are sets of rules of conduct that have been established by the engineering community that outline the obligations of professional engineers to society, to employers and clients, and to fellow engineers. They are similar to those of the IEEE. I have inserted below the code of ethics for IEEE in which I used the IEEE website as a resource.
             We, the members of the IEEE, in recognition of the importance of our technologies in affecting the quality of life throughout the world, and in accepting a personal obligation to our profession, its members and the communities we serve, do hereby commit ourselves to the highest ethical and professional conduct and agree:.

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