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The Rise of Genetic Engineering

            The production and use of genetically modified organisms is increasing steadily. Although there are many potential benefits to humans from this process, the risks have not been adequately defined. Researchers are developing new organisms too quickly to accurately determine the effects of this procedure. There are many people and organizations that are completely against genetic engineering. The reasons for their objections, as well as the potential benefits, are both morals and others ethics.
             A gene is a specific sequence of deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA. Each gene has instructions for the expression of specific traits, such as hair color, eye color and height. All of the genes in an organism work together to create the final product: a living organism [source 1]. Humans have over 100,000 genes in their bodies [source 1]. Each gene is identified as being related to the expression of a specific trait. The gene for the desired trait is isolated, and transferred to another organism [source 1] using methods such as injection by needles. In other words, genetic engineering is the technique of artificially modifying the genetic make-up of living organisms. It is even possible to exchange genes over natural species barriers [source 1]. For example, animal genes may be inserted into plants, and vice versa.
             Genetic engineering is also called gene manipulation, DNA manipulation and gene splicing. Genetic engineering changes the physical properties of organisms, and most of the effects are not yet known [source 1]. One of the major concerns in genetic engineering is to ensure that the gene which is inserted in an organism will be passed on from one generation to the next, so that it will potentially improve over time. Genetic engineering is a relatively new technique, involving the transfer of genes from one organism to another. It is also described as the "modification of genetic material by man that would otherwise be subject to the forces of nature only.

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