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Genetic Engineering

             As we continue on into the twenty first century, many new technological advancements make themselves readily available to us. One such technological advancement is genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is the altering of human genes in order to perfect these genes, or change them completely. This new technology is very controversial, because it deals with things such as altering our own mortality and perhaps creating the "perfect human race." Some people however, feel that gene altering is a wonderful new prospect because it may allow us to prevent certain disease, and thus increase our life spans. Also, those that are for genetic engineering, believe that by choosing the genes we wish our children to have we will be able to correct certain birth defect and make everyone happy and healthy. .
             The discovery of the ability to manipulate human genes first came with the development of the Human Genome Project. The Human Genome Project is a worldwide research setup to analyze the structure of human DNA, and also to locate all human genes, which in number are estimated to be as many as one hundred thousand (Intro to the World of Genome). The goal of this project is to locate the genome, or the complete set of instructions for making a human being. It is believed in the future that this process will be helpful in curing diseases. It was out of this project that the idea for gene manipulation arose, and the controversy over whether we, as mere human beings, had the right to .
             manipulate the genes of the human body, to prevent genetic disorders and prolong life (Intro to the World of Genome). .
             Advocates of gene altering feel that this new technology is beneficial to human life for two main reasons. First, these people feel that using the technology of gene altering to "design their own children" is beneficial because they will be able to perfect their genes and prevent them from being handicap from disease and disorders (Golden).

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