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Individual Level of Analysis on the Cuban Missile Crisis

             October 16th, 1962 was the beginning of the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was a day that all people would remember as the closest we ever came to a nuclear war. To many Americans this was very frightening; we have all heard what nuclear weapons can do. No one wants to feel the effects of these nuclear weapons.
             A summary of this big incident would be that Khrushchev had nuclear weapons on an island of Cuba and President Kennedy found the base where they were hiding the missiles. They found these missiles by using a spy plane. Kennedy sent many messages to Khrushchev about disarming, but Khrushchev did not take heed to these warnings. The two political leaders were on the verge of war and neither leader looked as if they were budging. This event took a week, which to Americans it seemed like a year. In the end, Khrushchev decided to give up and disarm. This was a relief for America, there wasn"t going to be a war. This was a point in history where it almost felt like the world stop turning, as if it was at a stand still. Forty-one years later, it seems as if this situation with Suddam is the exact same as the Cuban Missile Crisis. Maybe we can learn from it, maybe we can"t. .
             For this report, I chose an individual level of analysis. I chose it because it deals with great leaders, decision making in crises. These were all very important parts in the Cuban Missile Crisis. To explain this analysis I will be using realism. Realism deals with intellectual thinking and power. .
             This event in history definitely dealt with intellectual thinking and power, because without these we may have had a nuclear war. Kennedy overall was a great leader, especially after this event. He saved us by using his good leadership skills and his great thinking. He did a lot of talking with the Joint Chiefs of Staff; this was a strategic move. These meetings helped him decide what needed done and how to go about doing it. These methods of getting what we want worked with the use of our power.

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