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The Sacrifices and Gains of Enkidu

             The Epic of Gilgamesh has many similarities to the biblical stories of the Old.
             Enkidu, in the story of Gilgamesh, resembles Adam in the story of Adam and.
             Eve by the sacrifices and gains made by both as they progress from a wild untamed and.
             unwise creature to a man of wisdom and civilization. .
             Enkidu, like Adam, is born wild, naked, and ignorant of a life of a civilized man.
             He is naive to the desires of a man for fame and lust of women. Enkidu is a friend to the.
             animals and a protector of them. He frees them from the traps that shepherds put out for.
             them. He is fast and agile, noone can match his speed. Enkidu does not seem to have a.
             place that he belongs to. Though he runs with the animals, he is not an animal, but he is.
             not ready to live in a civilized world either. Enkidu is also in need of friendship and.
             As when Eve fell prey to the devil, man lost his innocence, Enkidu fell prey to the.
             harlot and lost his innocence. Adam and Eve had to wear clothes and Enkidu, now wise to.
             the desires of men and lustful for women must start to wear clothing. Enkidu has now.
             also lost his place with the wild animals. They run from him, scared of him. He had once.
             been their protector, now he is placed in charge of trapping wolves and lions for the.
             Though he lost his innocence, his place to roam free with the animals, and all the.
             freedoms that went with it, he did gain some things. Most importantly, he finds a friend in.
             Gilgamesh. He has someone he understands and that understands him. His pallet for food.
             is now widened. Instead of just feeding on the milk of animals, he is able to eat food and.
             drink wine. .
             Enkidu enters the story as a wild untamed person who knows nothing of a.
             civilized world. Through his weakness for the harlot he is forever changed. The transition.
             costs him the life he knew but opens him to a new life of knowledge that in some ways is.
             better and not in others. Ultimately, like mankind pays for Adam and Eves weakness with.

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