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Gender In Gilgamesh

            Transformation of sexuality (Masculinity, Femininity) from The Descent of Inanna to Gilgamesh.
             Sexuality has always been built into each society throughout the centuries. We see sexuality play huge roles in each culture. Sexuality has always been incorporated into cultural understand and beliefs. Religious MYTH also incorporates both spectrums. Adam and Eve is one of the most common affiliations with human sexuality. While Adam represents masculinity in its truest form Eve takes on the role of fertility, love, and compassion. We see a large degree of sexual identity within each of the stories, in this.
             case Gilgamesh and Inanna both show clear examples.
             Gilgamesh is however; more sexually diverse in terms of how it is presented.
             to the audience. We see this diversity when we are first introduced to Enkidu,.
             the man sent to challenge Gilgamesh and later joins him. Although they both.
             represent masculinity they communicate it in two entirely different ways on each.
             side of the male phsyche. Gilgamesh can be described as more of a sophisticated.
             and arrogant man in search of immortality which in this story I feel represents.
             greed and because of of this greed he is forced to let Enkidu pay the.
             price.death. Enkidu can be considered a more emotional and primitive man. .
             Enkidu is taught by Shamhut the "greatness" of true humanity (civilization).
             Shamhut directly corresponds with how Inanna is displayed. Each displays.
             fertility, and a sense of sexual purity. Shamhut mates with Enkidu for 7 days.
             and in a way Enkidu is positively corrupted by this act of human interaction. .
             Enkidu becomes a man and is viewed as one after losing his virginal rights in.
             the forest. In a way he loses a part of himself and it's tragic but at the same.
             time is joyous he is integrated into one culture while losing it to another. .
             Shamhut gives "birth" to Enkidu through the birth of a primitive animal to a.
             man. At one point the harlot say "you are wise, Enkidu, and now you have become.

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