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             From the first evidence of writing that man has found to this very second the awesome tale of a heroic figure is told. They can be the rock of a society to a once thought insignificant child, gender is nonspecific and can in some instances attain powers that are viewed as god-like. A hero can be recognized or dismissed, they can have a heroic occupation or their act of heroism can occur in an instantaneous moment.
             A hero is the strongest link at the chains weakest moment. Even though they can at times bend or even break they provide the moral encouragement to rouse their supporters" weather they are an army of troops in the thousands marching into battle or a local resistance group of ten. To follow this, a hero is not necessarily immortal and can at times perish while performing their heroic deed. Thus a hero is human and can appear to be the most irrelevant body in a crowd.
             When some envision a hero they see exactly what was viewed of Gilgamesh. A man endowed with beauty, courage and the powers of the gods, thus making him an image surpassing all others. A wise author, Tamora Pierce, coined the phrase "Protector of the Small" and that will be my personal definition of a hero for all time. Hero's through out time have been the ones to stand up for the smallest problem or the weaker people.
             The definition of a hero has not altered too much over time. It has only been added too because of the heroic events that individuals who can rank themselves as heroes have been in. .

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