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The Real Meaning oF A Hero

            Throughout history many people have stepped up to the challenges of leading a nation to independence, guiding a nation through turmoil, rising to the occasion to defend his or her religious beliefs, or by simply putting their lives on the line everyday to protect and secure the safety of others. These individuals, by their bravery and determination, have set their mark in their society and the peoples hearts around them as well. Despite the bravery these individuals face, there are other types of heroes as well. The hero's do their work on the field and on the court. But depending on whom you ask, the person's view of not only a hero might change but the entire definition as well. .
             According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a hero is a man that is admired for achievements and qualities. Today, there are many individuals who receive the title "Hero"" due to their significant accomplishment in their field of work. The most common form of these is a sports hero. To many, Michael Jordan is a primary illustration of a sports hero due to the fineness that he possessed during his career. To some, Joe Montana might be measured as a hero for his unprecedented touchdown record. To others, Mark McGwire might also be considered one for setting a new mark in the home run category. Many young athletes with professional hopes idolize their favorite sports star due to their illustrious career. So, they attempt to maintain the player's excellence by mimicking their moves on the field. .
             Other types of hero's put their lives on the line to protect and attend to their community. These individuals include policemen, firefighters, and doctors. Given the dangers that policemen and firefighters face in their occupation many people consider them heroes as well. They both understand the perils of their job, and yet every day continue to work and save the lives of many. Doctors are also a common form of hero due to the fact that they also save lives.

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