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            As the years go by the way people describe the word hero has changed. In the past the meaning of a hero was someone who fought and killed for a purpose such as saving lives, or protecting the innocent. However there are many people who see a hero, simply as a person whom they look up to. At a younger age there are those who view athletes such as Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant as their hero because they are what they aspire to be one day. Then there's Martin Luther King Jr who has changed many of peoples views on the definition of a hero. King, who never had to lay a finger on any one in a violent manner was viewed as a tremendous hero by changing their lives in a positive way. King was a perfect example of how words can be so influential and touching to the live of so many people out there. A hero can be anyone, from a teacher in a school building shaping the lives of children to be the best they can be, To athlete on the court or field who never has to even meet a person to change the way the go about life. A hero lies in everybody if only they take the time to realize it. .
             The stereotypical view of a hero is a courageous person who fights to eliminate evil and protect the lives of the innocent. In a world dominated by Movies and books as a form of entertainment, society is constantly making a hero out to be someone physically fighting or risking their lives for the good of man kind, but as many have proved it does not always take the physical aspect to make a hero. Society often forgets the real hero's that never have to pick up a weapon or raise their hand in a threatening manner to accomplish good. Hero's who preach and turn peoples lives who are at rock bottom around by a few encouraging words or Athletes who inspire inner city kids to focus on a sport and school to stay away from the negative side of life, which can be so tempting because it is the easy way out. There are so many hero's in the world, if only people can take the time to realize what an impact they make on others lives.

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