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            The significance of the word hero still gets its roots from the traditional hero, but its meaning has changed to a point where it has become difficult to recognize it, so difficult that some mythologists say a true hero no longer exits. Heroes exist, but they don't symbolize the true hero. A very common misperception is that there is only one type of hero, the modern hero, but this is totally untrue. A hero is of four types: the mythological hero, the tragic hero, the modern hero, and the fantasy hero. .
             Throughout ancient times the word hero was very common especially in the Greek society. In the Greek Mythology a hero is often referred to as a man of divine ancestry, who is gifted with great courage and strength, celebrated for his braveness, and favored by gods. His actions have social, political, and mythological impact. Achilles, the tragic Greek hero of the Trojan War, is a very good example of a mythological hero. He was born from a mortal and a god. But the fact that his mother was the god and not his father makes him mortal. Considered to be the best Greek warrior of his time, he does not act as a true hero when he has to help the Greeks in the war against the Trojans. But once his friend Patroculus gets killed in the war he decides to go back to fight. He leads his people to victory and becomes an icon, a hero with god -like qualities.
             The second type of hero is the tragic hero. He is very much like the mythological hero except that there is a tragic flaw in his life, usually because of hubris (pride). A tragic hero, according to Aristotle's definition, is born in nobility, is responsible for his own destiny, is endowed with a tragic flaw, and has the potential for greatness, but is domed to fail. Also all tragic heroes realize that they made a big mistake, accept death with honor, and in the end they meet a tragic death. Aristotle's best example of a tragic hero is Sophocles's play "Oedipus of the King", where the hero Oedipus is doomed to kill his father and marry his mother.

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