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            Tupac Shakur: Wanted Dead or Alive???.
             Tupac Shakur is a controversial rapper, poet, and actor adored by many and hated by some. With his out spoken lyrics, he talked about real issues in the world, which are not the usual topics of many rappers. He always tried to give back to his community, and better himself and the people who were close to him. He did not care what anyone else thought, and he simply said what was on his mind. This tactic does not go over very well with everyone, which is the reason why he had some enemies. He knew that his death was around the corner ever since he released his very first album. Right off the bat, he constantly made references to his death, burial, and funeral. In his fourth album "Me Against the World" in the song "Death Around the Corner" he explicitly predicted his death and funeral. .
             He had been shot five times before his "death", in a robbery at a New York City recording studio. Tupac clearly knew that people were after him, and that those people were quite capable of ending his life. So what better way to escape all the pressure and dangers of the gang and drug world than to fake your own death? He had all the resources to do so. Many people who knew him said that he was much smarter than the rest, most referring to him as simply a genius. Anyone who listens to his lyrics can clearly see the proof of that statement. He was a man with the brains, the power, and the money to pull off such an intricate operation. There are many different theories on why it is believed that Tupac is still alive. Here I will give you insight to all of them. But first you should know the basic facts of the events that occurred on that fateful night in September. .
             The actual event of his "killing" took place on September 6, 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was attending a Mike Tyson fight with the Executive Producer of Death Row Records, as well as his close friend, Suge Knight.

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