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Who Are The Mocking Birds?

            Who are the mocking birds in the novel and how does this symbol work?.
             In the novel "To kill a mocking bird" there are several characters throughout the book who could be placed in the category of being "a mocking bird". Now the term "mocking bird" refers to a small bird that does no harm to anybody, all it does in the words of Miss Maudie is "Mockingbirds don't do one thing but . sing their hearts out for us. That's why it's a sin to kill a mockingbird." When put into context with humans it refers to innocence and the killing of a mocking bird is the destruction of innocence by evil.
             In the phrase " it is a sin to kill a mocking bird" the word sin refers to a moral wrong, a set of guidelines that have been set up by society to guide its citizens. Although these guidelines are not law they are something very strong that all citizens obey most of the time.
             Two of the "Mocking birds" in "To kill a mocking bird" are Tom Robinson and Boo Radley. Tom Robinson is a "mocking bird" because he is black, which means he gets put below any other white person. He is a non-violent person, he never harms anybody and strives to support his family. He also tries to help people like Mayella Ewell who need help with manual chores. He is an innocent person because all the beliefs and rumours that go around due to the fact that he is black are all lies and totally fictional.
             Boo Radley is a "mocking bird" because, like Tom he is a harmless person and looks after Atticus's children (Jem and Scout). He never ventures out of his house except for at the end when Bob Ewell attacks Atticus's children. This shows that he does not do anything to harm people, only helps them. The people of Maycomb come up with stories as to why they never see him because Boo is too shy to leave his house. These stories get more and more unreasonable as time goes on and it leads to the persecution of Boo even though he does not know this.

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