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To Kill A Mocking Bird

             The novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, written by Harper Lee touches on many different issues. The book touches many different sensitive and negative issues that our world faces today. The issue of race is at the root of the novel. Morals come into play when Atticus Finch takes the case of a black man accused of rape. Childhood fears are faced when dealing with Boo Radley. Childhood friendship is confronted when Scout meets Dill. The novel touches on these subjects as well as my personal feelings and views. Atticus Finch is a single father who makes his living as a lawyer. When a judge assigns him the case of a black man accused of raping a white girl, Atticus is obligated to defend the man to the best of his abilities. He knows that the case might be hopeless due to the bias of the white community in Maycomb. He more than proves Tom Robinson's innocence especially due to the fact that Tom has a bad arm. I personally felt that the racial issue plays the most significant part in the trial. A black man being tried by white people of a segregated town seems very unfair.
             The Finch children, Jem and Scout, are dared to face their childhood fears when Dill comes into their lives. Dill is a daredevil who wants the children to face their neighborhood "phantom" Boo Radley. Dill gives the children courage unknown to them. With the help of Dill the Finches" gather the strength to actually step foot in the Radley yard. This is dramatic because before this the children would not even walk in front of the house; they would run on the opposite side of the street. I think that this is good because the Finch children learn that there is courage inside of them. They learn to overcome their personal fears and they come to find out that Boo Radley is not the cruel person they thought he was. Race is very important in this novel. While the novel has a very important court case involving Tom Robinson, there is a very important woman of color in the novel.

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