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             It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon in late October. The autumn leaves had already changed and were beginning to fall from the trees around campus. This was a hectic time of year for most college students, and this could easily be discovered with just a glance at any one of them. The stresses of college, especially for the first year students, had now all been realized.
             For Greg M; however, life was not quite as stressful. A senior at East Chapel Hill High School, and the leader of the school's soccer team, Greg had been having a fantastic year so far. He had always been one of the smarter students in his class, but he had quite a tendency to be lazy and procrastinate. This habit had gotten him into trouble before, but now Greg realized how important school was in his life. He had begun during his junior year to work much harder at his studies and it had paid off. He finished 15th in his class of almost 500 students. This year, his senior year, was going as well if not better. With the excitement of filling out college applications and realizing how close he was to the end of his secondary education, a day that he had been looking forward to for four years, Greg was thrilled just to be alive. Life was treating him better and better every minute. .
             This Saturday, Greg had the chance to do one of his favorite things in the world: watch a football game at the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill. Ever since he was born, Greg had bled Carolina blue. Both of his parents had attended he school and he had never really wanted to go anywhere else. Football at Chapel Hill had not been very successful since the departure of Julius Peppers to the NFL in 2001, but that did not stop Greg from going to games. He loved to watch the team enter the playing field through the tunnel and the fake smoke. He loved listening to the band play the Tarheel fight song. Football games for Greg were just a way of life.

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